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A New Day Counseling LLC

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Org Phone: 802-753-0440

Address: 1 Scale Ave Bld 14 Office 114 PO Box 32, Rutland, VT 05701

Primary Contact: Erin Willard

Organization Introduction

Mission of Organization?: To provide relief and to support recovery & healing for those impacted by trauma in all it’s presentations including; attachment, developmental & relational trauma, abuse, injury, shock, & PTSD.

How does Mission of your Org relate to Project Vision, or advance PV’s Mission?: At A New Day Counseling, we provide case management in the community, advocacy, and support while working with a diverse range of clients to also address the fundamental social and public health issues facing our community. We offer a sliding fee scale and home visits as well. Completely free and confidential services to our Heroes in Rutland County.

How would your Org like to collaborate with other individuals or organizations?: I think it is important to communicate with other helping agencies so we are able to assist the client in the most efficient and helpful manner possible.

What opportunities are there for your Org to become more involved with PV?: I work with the severely mentally ill in our community. Many are homeless, some are still addicted, most have no family or support. I go out into the community which gives me unique insights into some of the issues plaguing our community.

What is the greatest challenge with which your Org needs help?: There are so many hurting people in need here in Rutland, within 3 months I went from no clients to 18 clients.

Additional suggestions or comments: I spent two years in AmeriCorps, learning how to create and develop sustainable community projects.

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