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Project Vision

Project VISION is a diverse coalition of over 300 social and health service agencies and organizations, schools, colleges, business organizations, the City of Rutland, local, county, state and federal probation, parole and law enforcement agencies, faith based groups, volunteers and neighbors.

We have united to address the drug related challenges facing our community with the goal of making Rutland one of the healthiest, safest and happiest communities in America.

In 2013, The former Chief of Police for the City of Rutland, Vermont, James Baker, organized our coalition with the enthusiastic support of Mayor Christopher Louras and the Board of Aldermen.

We came together based on the belief that the challenges facing our community and in particular those challenges arising from substance abuse, were not going to be resolved simply by making more arrests.

More specifically, we believed that we needed to address the issues underlying substance abuse and the related criminal activity and that our efforts needed to include our broader community.  We also believed that meaningful change would require a new, comprehensive and more integrated collaboration among the many agencies and organizations serving our City.

To facilitate our efforts we have formed three teams, each focusing on a major area of concern. Those three areas are:  treating addiction and substance abuse, reducing crime and building great neighborhoods.

Core Values

Project VISION has two core values: collaboration and a focus on the positive.

“Collaboration for the greater good.”

The first is “Collaboration for the greater good” which affirms that our goals and objectives transcend those of any particular partner.

More importantly, it reflects our belief that by working together we can accomplish more than we ever could working alone. Reflecting this value, Project VISION has no independent paid staff or support structure.

Instead, we rely on the resources of our many generous partners. We are very proud of our lean and highly efficient organizational structure.

“I believe in Rutland.”

Our second value is “A renewed focus on the positive- I believe in Rutland.” This value is simply a recognition of the fact that the Rutland Region is blessed with an array of wonderful attributes and is an exceptional place to live and work.