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Alis Headlam Commentary in the Rutland Herald on Neighborhood Walks

There are many aspects of Project VISION that contribute to the well-being of our community. One recent addition has been walking through the neighborhoods. I love walking the tree-lined streets, enjoy looking at the marvelous architecture of many of the older homes and greeting people as they sit on their porches or work in their yards.

Sgt. Jon Dickerson, acting executive director of Project VISION, wrote about the neighborhood walks recently on the Project VISION website. He said, “During these walks, we hope to meet new and local people and introduce ourselves. We will have an informational pamphlet on Project VISION plus a newly created info card/directory to hand out as we walk. It’s a great way to meet people and make connections. Members from the Neighborhood Engagement Committee, community volunteers and members of the Rutland City Police Department’s Community Response Team walk and help with building the idea of community relations with police as well as other goals that include expanding community knowledge of Project VISION and helping community members feel connected to us and to each other.”

We have gone on four walks now. Everywhere we have walked in the city, people have been welcoming and encouraging. There is a real sense of community within smaller sections of the city — neighbors looking out for neighbors.

Many people are not familiar with just how unique Project VISION is in our city. Where else do you find the type of connections that are made, reinforced at monthly meetings, and shared on neighborhood walks like these?

This is truly a very positive response and shows how one community can make a difference even in the time of COVID-19, disunity and unrest in our country. The next walk will be Sept. 3 in the area around White’s Pool.

Alis Headlam lives in Rutland.

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