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Alis Headlam’s Reflection on Neighborhood Engagement Subcommittee’s Recent Accomplishments

To all committee members and interested parties.

I have decided to turn the leadership reins over to Sindy for the future of the committee. I intend to continue to support the committee and attend meetings, walks and assist with the bags.   

You are an amazing group. The energy and enthusiasm for walks and Welcome bags shows how unique we are to Rutland and to other parts of the country. It’s part of what makes Project Vision so outstanding.  

You have kept me very busy and I thank your for all of your input. You will now turn to Sindy for that leadership and she will continue to be a strong support to your ideas.  

So what have we accomplished in the 2 1/2 months since I join the group? (Forgive me if I left something out, but here goes.)  

Flyers for Project Vision were created and printed. We recently added distribution of the Directory that was produced by another group of enthusiastic partners. These have been wonderful conversation pieces as we continue on our walks.  

We have participated in 6 walks with up to 11 people including members of the Community Response Team (CRT), officers and the Chief. The last walk showed how we are growing interest in neighborhood engagement. People are asking to join the walk who may not be a part of this committee or who live in the area. We have been able to find local hosts (Thank you all)  for each of the walks to help us find our way. We have walked in the Northwest, the Northeast, the Southeast and the Southwest quadrants of the city. And yet, there is so much more ground to cover. What a special way to create neighborhood engagement!  

With Matt’s wonderful leadership we met and created 10 Welcome Bags. There are now just 2 left. They have gone to families and individuals in houses and apartments. Some are going to people who have moved within city limits and others to new residents from out of town. With the encouragement of people on the committee like Jen Sanford we are looking to create the next generation of 24 bags soon. So many people have come forward to assist with gathering items for the bags. Thank you to all of you who have helped.   

With the special talents of Sindy, the list serve was created. This has been a really important contribution to our ability to communicate with each other. We have only begun to see the possibilities.   Sindy also created a wonderful Press Release. It was recently published  in the Mountain Times and as a contribution to Patrick MCCardle’s messages in the Rutland Herald.  

Sgt. Jon Dickerson added a very informative and creative piece to the Project Vision Facebook page.   

I was able to get a commentary in the Rutland Herald about the walks.   

We are now on people’s radar and hopefully they will be looking for us as we go around.   

I look forward to facing the challenges of colder weather.  Together we will  find new ways or build on ones already in place to encourage neighborhood engagement. United we are strong!! Collaboration for the Greater Good!!!   It has been my pleasure to serve you.   

– Alis headlam


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