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Assistance for the Giorgetti Skate Party scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 22nd needed

Linda Justin needs your assistance for the Giorgetti Skate Party scheduled for Saturday, November 22nd,  and she can pick up items on Thursday at our monthly Project VISION meeting:

Price Chopper just called me to let me know that they are overwhelmed with Thanksgiving and Christmas requests and regretfully cannot help us out with the food items we need for the Kids and Family Day Event.  So, I am thinking that if everyone brought something we could make it with little effort.   I am going to approach the Cleveland Ave Discount Food Market but I believe that asking them to carry the whole load would be a lot for them.

We need enough of the following to feed probably 300 people:

Hotdogs                                40 packages  (8-10 in a package)
Hotdog rolls                         50 packages  (8 in a package)
Small bottled waters        600 bottles
Small bags of chips          400 bags of chips

Whatever anyone can do will be a huge blessing!
Thank you!

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