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Changes coming for Bardwell crossing~ RH May 15, 2015

Changes coming for Bardwell crossing
By Gordon Dritschilo
Staff Writer | May 15, 2015


A fix is in the works for the pedestrian crossing adjacent to the Bardwell House, city officials said Wednesday.

“They’re going to make it stop all four ways,” Rutland City Police Lt. Kevin Geno said of the intersection of Washington Street, Merchants Row and Strongs Avenue. “It’s going to be red all four ways, and there’s going to be no turn on red. There should be time for the residents to cross.”

Geno said he did not have an exact time frame on the change.

“I’m hoping it’ll be done sometime in the next two weeks,” he said.

Geno said altering the intersection to keep cars completely out of it as pedestrians cross will cost around $4,000.

“I’m sure some of the control heads in the box have to be replaced,” he said. “On top of that, the ‘no turn on red’ signs have to be put up.”

The drive to alter the crossing was spearheaded by Bardwell House residents after one of them was badly hurt earlier this year. Diane Anderson, 66, was hit by a car as she crossed Strongs Avenue while trying to get back from the downtown shopping plaza.

Several residents turned in a petition to the Board of Aldermen at their first meeting in February, and came again before the board last week asking when some action would be taken.

Alderman Ed Larson, who has championed the cause, said he hoped the change would give the residents what they need.

“I think we have to take a wait-and-see attitude,” he said. “We have to determine if this is sufficient, and if it isn’t, we’ll have to tweak it again. … I cannot predict there will not be another accident. Hopefully we can reduce the chance of this ever happening again.”

Larson said the recent survey of pedestrian conditions on West Street pointed out other crossings that could use attention, such as the one where Merchants Row gets to West Street and the one in front of the transit center.


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