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Outcome Statement: Significantly increase levels of community involvement to return the northwest neighborhood to a neighborhood of choice.

Action Steps:

Name the Neighborhood  – Update:  A group of neighborhood stakeholders has been consulted, feedback taken, and discussion is ongoing.  Feeling that better outreach and communication are needed.  More community work and  buy-in will occur before moving further with re-naming process.

Face to Face communication including establishing time/dollar exchange and Community Board – Update: Discussion on VISION web site creation, Facebook page for neighborhood, and other electronic means being determined.  Setting up a local time/dollar exchange organization being considered.

Determine funding sources and means of administering funding for small resident determined projects – Update:  Work being conducted to identify applicable funding sources.  Discussion with VISION leadership ongoing re: future funding process.

Neighborhood beautification projects – Window boxes – Update: Window box project within neighborhood moving forward with completion planned for this Spring.  Idea for Water St. park area with horseshoe pits and bbq area being looked at.

Develop another community garden in neighborhood – Update:  VFFC working on community garden project on their property.

Develop a First Friday Family Night at RIS in March – Update:  Events planned for the NW school gym for 3/7, 4/4, 5/2.

Adopt a block on State Street – Update:  State St area being targeted and initial engagement has occurred.

NWWVT neighborhood leadership initiative – Update:  Outreach programs occurring or planned in near future.  Potential collaboration with CCV on training courses.

Increase youth activities (specific activity tbd ) – Update:  Pilot program targeting scholarship and transportation for nbrhood kids in an under -8 soccer program planned for Summer.

Organize and assist in engaging resident groups – Update:  Efforts to reach out to landlord association made.  Other efforts to engage nbrhood stakeholders being planned.

Determine ways for area employers to contribute – Update:  Outreach efforts to ID interested employers/employees has begun.

Housing Revitalization sub-committee

Develop and facilitate a “Great Value in Home Ownership” campaign (see branding report for details) – Update:  Volunteers needed to help Kristin begin this process.

Purchase and repurpose a vacant building to serve as future neighborhood community center – Update:  Housing Trust looking at potential property and will be engaging community to determine exact needs.

Facilitate legal help for foreclosed property owners – Update:  NWWVT counselor exists as does legal aid reps.  Efforts to better market services being planned.

Exterior Aesthetic improvements – find sources for funding small grants for home improvements – Update:  Ongoing.

Find and facilitate volunteer groups to help with repair work – Update:  Volunteer groups will be identified and contacted.  Individual volunteers have been working on rehabbing an apartment.

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