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Community Building and Neighborhood Engagement Committee

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The overarching objective of the Community Building and Neighborhood Engagement Committee is to expand community engagement and build great neighborhoods in the Rutland region.



Community Building and Neighborhood Engagement Committee Chair

Gregory Sheldon,

Community Building and Neighborhood Engagement Subcommittees

Youth Engagement Subcommittee

Focus Statement – Youth in Rutland County feel disconnected from the community and feel there is nothing here for them

Goal – Engage Youth where they are at, with a focus on Youth Voice, Job
Placement/Training, Recreation, Feeling Valued and Connected

2021 Action Steps

  • Create Pop-Up Youth Engagement events via the Community Response Team within the Police Department
  • Refer youth to the Vermont 14-24 Program (part of Workforce and Innovation and Opportunity Act) for youth with barriers in obtaining a college degree or certification (CDL, LNA, ect)
  • Initiate a fun peer-led Youth Program with incentives to keep youth engaged while allowing youth ownership and voice
  • Partner with local businesses to help them see the value of employing our community’s most challenged youth
  • Schedule special youth events (e.g. Fortnite Competition, Pokemon with the police)
  • Coaching youth at school in conflict resolution and other Restorative Justice Practices

Subcommittee Chairs – Jon Dickerson,

Neighborhood Engagement Subcommittee

Focus Statement – There are many citizens who don’t know their neighbors and efforts to improve neighborhoods have been from the outside

Goal – To promote/encourage neighbors to connect with each other to help meet their neighbors’ needs

2021 Action Steps

  • Implement a Welcome Wagon so when someone moves into our neighborhood, we’ll welcome them which will include giving them welcome bags (put together through “bag parties”)
  • Develop a neighborhood ambassador program to spread word on Project VISION and have better connection with local neighborhood needs throughout the county
  • Advertise coordinated walks (e.g. Park, Walk and Talk programs with police) with resource materials

Subcommittee Chair – Currently vacant. Alis Headlam, is serving as the interim chair.

See a Need, Meet a Need Subcommittee

Focus Statement – Empower champions who bring solutions that are within the mission of the Project VISION, by facilitating connections and resources

Goal – Seize opportunities to help address emerging issues and follow up to see outcomes

2021 Action Steps

  • Build connections and meet needs through Project VISION’s listserv
  • Develop Project VISION directory

Subcommittee Chair – Gregory Sheldon,

Community Policing Subcommittee

Focus Statement – The police department has made great strides in terms of fair & impartial and de-escalation strategies and realizes more work needs to be done

Goal – Assure Police Department continues to follow the six pillars of 21 st Century Policing and to give voice to historically marginalized populations in our community

2021 Action Steps

  • Develop a Fair and Impartial Policing Committee in collaboration with the Police Department
  • Work with Police Commission and Department to ensure each represent the diversity of our community

Subcommittee Chairs – Gregory Sheldon,