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Dorset Theatre Festival

Contact Information

Organization Name: Dorset Theatre Festival

Org Website:

Org Email:

Org Phone: 802-867-2223

Address: P.O. Box 510, Dorset, VT 05251

Primary Contact: Dina Janis, Artistic Director

Organization Introduction

Mission of Organization?:

How does Mission of your Org relate to Project Vision, or advance PV’s Mission?: The arts, and theatre, play an important role in a community. We are like the kitchen table, where folks can come together- talk, discuss, engage. We also can train people in many different areas, and offer jobs to folks in those areas as well. We nurture new work and new voices and run an important Giving Back program that underwrites free tickets to lots of community members and their families:

How would your Org like to collaborate with other individuals or organizations?: Not sure, but we are here and happy to become involved in any way.

What is the greatest challenge with which your Org needs help?: Deepening our community engagement.

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