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Event: Coffee Klatsch ~ Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The Coffee Klatsch is put on by a sub-committee of the substance abuse committee through Project VISION. The purpose of the sub-committee is to “Increase awareness and access to available treatment and recovery programs.”


* To increase knowledge of the system of care that currently exists in the Rutland area.

* To better map out that system of care.

The Project VISION Coffee Klatsch is a way for providers providing any service to individuals, couples, and families to meet and exchange information about their individual expertise. We meet once a month at a designated place. We have it at 7:30 in the morning so that providers can make it and still have time to get to their offices.

How does this work?
Maybe you are a LADC and you have a client who has a teenager who needs counseling, you will know from meeting Sam Hollander that he likes working with teens. Perhaps you are finishing up with an individual who may need couples cx, you can refer him and his wife to Ken Smith. Maybe the person you are working with will benefit from family work, you can refer them to Kelli Wilson-Young.

Come join us at the next Project VISION Coffee Klatsch and bring your cards and a colleague or 2. We serve coffee, fruit, and pastries from Jupiter Rising.

Coffee Klatsch meetings