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Event: Say It Straight Empowering Communication One-Day Workshop


The Rutland Area Prevention Coalition (RAP) is sponsoring a free one-day introductory course to show participants what the program encompasses. Additional facilitator training will be offered at a later date, but this class is a prerequisite to the facilitator training. We are looking for participants who represent organizations that may want to offer this training to those they serve.

Say It Straight (SIS) is a research-based education and training program that results in empowering communication skills and behaviors, increased self-awareness, self-efficacy, personal and social responsibility, positive
relationships and quality of life.

Say It Straight Curriculum (1)

We’ll cover disempowering communication styles such as: Placating, Bully/
Blame, Passive-Aggressive, Super-Reasonable, and Irrelevant; and the
empowering communication style: Saying It Straight.

To learn how to RSVP: Say it Straight One- Day Workshop 8-29-2014

Deadline to register is Monday, August 25, 2014!