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Event: Umatter for Community Professionals Suicide Prevention & Postvention


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Please join a “prevention-prepared community” with others in the community who work with Vermont youth and families.  Learn how to respond to suicidality by identifying signs and symptoms of suicide, risk and protective factors; learn your profession’s roles and responsibilities, protocols, when and how to refer for more help and how to access important resources.

Most people are likely to reveal their despair and intent to hurt themselves to people around them.  When prepared, youth, adults and professionals can respond correctly when anyone needs help.  The second leading cause of death in Vermont for those 15-34 years of age is suicide, and the suicide rate increases with age.

Each community, in collaboration with the Center for Health and Learning, is pleased to present two training opportunities in the area of suicide prevention & postvention.  With the goal of strengthening the mental health and wellness of our communities, these trainings are designed for community professionals who work in the areas of law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency care, social services, mental health, faith services, health care, youth services, counseling, and funeral services.

Attendees will learn how to respond to suicidality by identifying signs and symptoms of suicide, risk and protective factors, profession-specific roles, responsibilities, and protocols, hen and how to refer an individual for more help.

The two-part training (you did not need to attend the first session to be able to attend this training) will cover prevention and postvention responses and will also provide an opportunity for participants to network with other professionals within their community on intervention and response resources.

These trainings have been made possible through a grant from Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration and the Vermont Department of Mental Health and co-sponsored by the Brattleboro Retreat.

To register for this free training please visit:

Health and Learning web page to register