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Welcome to our page of frequently asked questions. Have your own questions for us? Message our Facebook page and we’ll get back to you!

Is Project VISION an organization?

No, Project VISION is not an organization – we are a coalition of community organizations and individuals. Unlike an organization or agency, which has its own full-time staff, specific public issue focus, and fundraising capabilities, Project VISION is rooted in the broad collaborative interests of Rutland organizations, agencies, and involved community members. In a way, Project VISION is itself an active and experimental act of collaboration among diverse community members who share a steadfast belief in Rutland and commitment to the tried-and-true benefits of extensive collaboration.

Who are the coalition partners?

By design, the membership of Project VISION is always changing. Our coalition of host organizations is always expanding and transforming. At the same time, even if a partner organization remains the same, the organization may internally rearrange their staff and shift their main point people for Project VISION around. So, not only do we always have entirely new coalition partners, but the specific people representing our involved organizations and agencies can shift. Additionally, we have a number of involved community members who collaborate with Project VISION on their own accord and not through a host organization. All of that said, we do try to provide contact information to as many coalition partners as we can, even if it is a mere fraction of the true number of partners. To access this contact information, check out our Partner Directory.

I’m not an employee of an organization or agency that addresses public issues in the Rutland area, can I still join Project VISION?

Yes! Anyone and everyone in the greater Rutland area communities is welcomed and encouraged to become involved in Project VISION. We currently have a growing number of community members who are a part of PV on their own accord and not through a partner organization, and we strive to grow this area of community involvement even more.

I'm not a resident of Rutland, can I still become a Project VISION partner?

Absolutely! In the beginning of Project VISION, we focused entirely on the northwest neighborhood of Rutland. Since then, our focus has grown to include all of Rutland. Now, we hope to increase our focus and events among the surrounding towns and neighborhoods of Rutland County. It would be great to have you join, your input and presence are of welcomed value! Further, as a Project VISION partner, you would be able to take the lead on organizing neighborhood-building events in your own hometown, if that interests you.

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