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Health Committee Meeting Agenda – October 20th, 2020

The Health Committee monthly meeting is always scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month from 11am to 12:30pm. If you are interested in joining, please reach out to Sarah, one of the Health Committee co-chairs. This October 2020, the Health Committee’s monthly meeting is scheduled for October 20.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome/Introductions
    Thank you to Traci Moore and
    Jamie Bentley for stepping up to
    help out!
  2. Minutes – linked at bottom of
  3. Community Health Needs
    Assessment (CHNA) – Jamie
  4. Changing Meeting Format
  5. Sub-committee Reports
    1. Non-Opioid Committee – Clay Gilbert
    2. Mentoring/Youth Engagement – Chris Hultquist
    3. Food Insecurity/Stability – Dan Warnecke
  6. Next Meeting

To access last month’s Health Committee meeting notes, click here!


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