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Health Committee Meeting Notes – March 16th, 2021

Below are the notes from the Health Committee’s March meeting. To download a word document of these notes, click here.


  • Announcements

    • Introduction of first-time attendees
    • Rutland Regional Medical Center applied for the next cycle of the Tobacco Prevention Grant
      • Previous Tobacco Prevention grant cycle was the first one Rutland acquired in many years
      • For this upcoming cycle, the hospital will focus on outreach and raising awareness about available resources
        • Sarah Cosgrove is looking for community partnerships to achieve this end. If you want to contribute to tobacco cessation and prevention efforts, connect with Sarah at
    • Building Bright Futures wrapped up a Child Development survey and will soon review the data
    • The joint youth transitional housing project among the Mentor Connector and United Way are still in the background stages and they hope to start housing youth in the next few weeks
    • At next month’s Health Committee meeting, the group of Yale and VT Law School students researching rural transportation will provide their findings thus far and solicit feedback
    • Community Health Needs Assessment is currently engaging the medical community to integrate their perspective and thoughts on community health
      • Please reach out to Jamie Bentley at if you have any questions or concerns about the assessment
  • Subcommittee Updates

    • Non-Opioid Subcommittee
      • The committee is looking at two different measures, one to generally educate people and the second to undertake more community outreach
      • Turning Point will have pop-up satellite locations around the county, and NOC will have a representative to each pop-up to give information about treatment
        • Just one example of efforts to connect more with the community
      • NOC is examining a possible collaborative project with the RCC’s Behavioral Health committee to provide information to Community Health network providers
      • Opioid Stakeholders Group with United Way wants to increase collaborative projects with the NOC, especially as they are partly funding the Turning Point satellite locations project
        • This group is looking to conduct stigma training around substance use disorder with first responders and police throughout the county
    • Youth Engagement Subcommittee
      • ‘Recreation on the Go’ program will start activities over the summer that target all community members in addition to youth
        • They will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm to 2pm and Wednesday evening
        • There will be games, prevention education, and various fun activities
        • Any groups interested in partnering with the program should reach out to Colleen Shattuck of the Rutland Rec Center at
    • Housing
      • VT State Housing Authority approved emergency housing relief funds, which enables people currently behind on utilities, rent or mortgage to apply for funds
        • Funds can retroactively apply to missed payments up to three years ago and be used to make advanced payments up to 15 months
        • This is the second round of funding for this program
          • Program received $115 million for the first round and $110 million for the current upcoming round
          • With the first round of funding, the program processed 1,000 applications per week since July
          • The program is preparing for a missed rent shock when the rent moratorium is lifted in the coming months
        • Anyone with questions about this program, connect with Jamie Bentley at jabentley@rrmc.organd she will direct you to the right contact
  • 211 Presentation and Statistics – Nanci Gordon

    • In January 2021 for Rutland County, most calls were in request of resources to meet basic needs, 100 calls in total
      • 88 of these were for housing and shelter resources
      • Between 4:30pm and 8am on weekdays and always during the weekends, 211 is the state’s main resource directory program for housing related needs
    • In 2020 calendar year, there was a 40% increase in calls compared to previous years
      • Over the spring and summer, there was a 300% increase in housing and shelter calls
      • During the 2020 summer months, there were 200-300 food referral calls, compared to an average of less than 50 per month in 2019
      • In Rutland County throughout 2020, there was a 338% increase in food referrals, 97% increase in public assistance program referrals
    • In the July 2019 – June 2020 fiscal year, 211 received a total of 35,797 calls across all subject matters
      • For the 2020 calendar year, there were just over 54,000 calls
    • 211 produced a homeless contact information report for 2020, the first time since 2012
      • For the July 2019 – June 2020 fiscal year, 211 received 4,821 calls related to homelessness from 2,542 unique individuals
        • 3,716 calls are from single individuals, 639 calls from families with children, and 444 calls from couples
        • Largest plurality of calls among an age demographic is the 30-40 years old range (35.9% of housing calls)
        • 643 calls from Rutland County
      • Top three 211 referral categories for people experiencing homelessness are homelessness intake (4,703 calls), domestic violence hotline (179 calls), community shelters (136 calls)
    • All 211 data documents are accessible to the public and are available on the 211 website at
      • However, it may be easier to connect with a staff member such as Nanci Gordon at at to create a customized compilation of data based on your interest
      • Nanci Gordon is willing to help and teach people navigate the public database in a 1-on-1 videocall
        • Custom reports can be very specific on time frame, zip code, and other demographics which are only available for staff members to pull from the database
        • Any organizations in need of data, involved in grant writing, ect are encouraged to access 211 data to support their efforts





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