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Health Committee Meeting Notes – November 17th, 2020

Notes from the Project VISION Health Committee monthly meeting on November 17th, 2020, from 11:30am – 12:30pm, held virtually on a Zoom webinar. All future meetings will be on the third Tuesday of each month, from 11am-12pm, on Zoom.

A reminder that the Health Committee is streamlining the process of communicating updates among committee partners. Please fill out this short survey to inform the Health Committee of any internal organizational and collaborative project updates. If you think something has happened that the Health Committee and fellow partners should know about, this new survey format is the place to inform all of us.

  • Introductions/New Attendees  

  • Food Access Discussion

    • Sarah Roy – The previous PV monthly meeting demonstrated that there is a lot of information and food access services available in the Rutland area
      • One reason Food Access Subcommittee exists is to help condense and consolidate this information
    • Nanci Gordon – RSVP Volunteer Center connects interested volunteers to opportunities in the area, funded by United Way
    • Sarah Roy – we can invite RSVP into discussions in the coming months to explore how they and the Health committee can partner up to advance their volunteer connections
    • Caprice Hover – SCORE Group is another volunteer group in the area
    • Darla Senecal – Hunger Free VT has coordinated an immense amount of food access resources
    •  Nanci Gordon – 211 has a large list of organizations working towards and involved in food access in the region
      • Nanci can share a database of all food related searches on the 211 site for the region
    • Merideth Drude – last week’s PV meeting highlighted the need for there to be clear knowledge and understanding among social service employees around the food access programs in order to help clients navigate the processes
    • Jamie Bentley – it’s clear that food insecurity is a spectrum, and many folks may not even know that they are food insecure. So many social services target the most marginalized and in-need individuals – how do we bring people who are in and out of food insecurity to the table?
      • Is there information already out there that we can promote to better fill this need? Or, is there a gap in information that we at PV can fill to increase knowledge about food insecurity and access
    • Sarah Roy – Kimberley Williams of the VT Foodbank is going to have community discussions around food insecurity in December. It will be good to have her debrief this group in January
    • Adam Sancic – A big piece moving forward is the awareness that many of these federal relief programs which have funded increased food access will be coming to an end soon
    • Caprice Hover – funding for on the ground relief programs, such a Troll House, will run out in about 2 months
    • David Woolpy – a state commission may form soon to research ways to best use leftover money from the federal CARES act. David will be on this commission, and a nice bulleted list of ways to direct these leftover funds will be helpful
  • Non-Opioid Committee (NOC) Project – Olivia Tipton

    • there is a Holiday Social Media Project in the works, and the idea is to put together a kit which provides tips on how to find support, connect with people, stay sober throughout the holiday season
      • A component of this is to create a digital flyer which houses all of the information and resources related to various support services
      • The aim is to have this distributed to the wider PV community in the next coming weeks
      • If you have resources to contribute or have ideas for uplifting messages, email Olivia at
    • The Holiday Zoom Call Centers are up in the air now due to the recent orders to restrict multi-family gatherings
    • If anyone has information on special Thanksgiving or holiday happenings, let Kathy Kinirons know at
  • Community Health Needs Assessment Update – Jamie Bentley

    • There is a large amount of data coming in to help the hospital tell the story of what the community’s needs are and how they fit into the hospital’s priority areas 
    • thank you to all who participated in the community agency survey and please share widely to anyone who you believe may be able to contribute
  • Administrative Updates – Sarah Roy

    • Health Committee meeting agendas and minutes will be posted on the PV website
    • The committee has started an update survey to centralize and streamline the process of updating each other on internal organizational changes and projects. The link to this survey will always be available with each month’s meeting agenda.
  • Updates from Caprice Hover of United Way

    • Housing
      • The community response for the development of the transitional housing on Woodstock Ave and Bridge Housing fundraiser has been phenomenal
      • This demonstrates opportunity and community appetite for future projects
      • To donate furnishings and household items to new housing, reach out to Caprice
    • Holiday Aid programs
      • Gift cards for Adopted Family and Silver Stocking will be split 50/50 between grocery and retail gift cards
      • 30 families signed up for Shop with a Cop program
        • Rather than shop with families this year, food will be bought on behalf of families and then brought to the agencies who nominated the families
  • Next Meeting



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