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Health Committee

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The objective of the Health Committee is to improve community health and engagement with health services. As exhibited in the subcommittee structure of the Health Committee, this includes objectives related to drug abuse and treatment services, homelessness prevention, an engaged youth population, community access to healthy food, and clear communication among health service providers.



Health Committee Chairs – Sarah Roy,, Traci Moore,, and Jamie Bentley,

Interested in participating in the Health Committee’s monthly meetings? The committee currently meets the third Tuesday of each month, 11am-12:00 noon. Check out the Meeting Agenda page to see the agendas for Project VISION’s upcoming meetings. Plus, the Health Committee agendas provide the information needed to join the online meetings.



Health Subcommittees

Non-Opioid Subcommittee

Focus Statement – With the pandemic there is a new group of people with substance use disorder who have never accessed services and those in long-term recovery are in isolation, leading to relapse

Goal – Educate the community regarding the resources available for substance use disorder and recovery

2021 Action Steps

  • Create substance use disorder summer series on PegTV that can be used on various platforms
  • Create an educational flyer that can be shared with the community

Subcommittee Chair – Clay Gilbert,

Mentoring and Youth Engagement Subcommittee

Focus Statement – Youth in Rutland feel disconnected from the community and feel there is nothing here for them

Goal – Take a systems approach to sustain engagement of youth in prevention and positive activities

2021 Action Steps

  • Support Out-of-the-Box activity sets and Come Alive Outside programs
  • Vermont Youth Project

Subcommittee Chair – Chris Hultquist,

Food Access Subcommittee

Focus Statement – People are unaware that there is food available locally through local food shelves and town clerks, and if they are aware have transportation issues. Also, due to Covid-19 and layoffs, more people are newly food-insecure.

Goal – Ensure all people in Rutland County are aware of where they can get food and have easy convenient access

2021 Action Steps

  • Create a marketing plan to get the word out
  • Access transportation services and help build better connections to transportation practice
  • Break down stigma related to food insecurity

Subcommittee Chair – Kimberly Williams,