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Historic South West Rutland on Aug 17, 2014 Street Party Update

Greetings to all,

A beautiful Sunday afternoon was the backdrop of the inaugural street party/picnic held in Historic SW Rutland on Aug 17th. A special thank you goes to the neighbors, all the youngsters, and our city officials who came by and enjoyed themselves. And a super special thank you goes to Rutland United Neighborhoods [R.U.N.] and the National Night Out/Rutland City Police Department for the ice cream and insurance coverage. 

After-Action Report enthusiasts have been asking for the details, so they are provided below.

Adults:  30   Children: 12    Total participants: 42
Representing:  Brown, Cherry, Franklin, Howe, Plain Streets; Dorr Ave; and three city officials from other city sections.

Photographs taken: Dozens and lots more, thanks to Elise Cassarino.
Ice cream consumed:  4.2 pounds – Vanilla preferred over Chocolate 2:1
Faces Painted:  A minimum of 12 with numerous repeats.
Chalk drawings in the street and sidewalk. Favorite design = body outlines and striped bug-like things.
Surveys handed out: 19; surveys completed on site: 6.
Put up and take down crews:  Many helpful hands lent by adults and older children.
Start time: 2:30p  End time: 5:15p

The coordinators were very happy. More neighborhood gatherings are on tap.  If you would like to receive future notices, we would love to have you drop by.  Please send me a note and we’ll keep you on our list.

Gail H Johnson
Rutland VT


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