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Let’s Grow Kids

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Phone: (802) 318-4746

Address: 19 Marble Ave, Ste 4, Burlington, VT 05401

Local Contact: Rex Butt, Field Manager & Family Organizer,

Organization Introduction

Mission of Organization?: Lets’ Grow Kids mission: Affordable access to high-quality child care for all Vermont families by 2025.

How does Mission of your Org relate to Project Vision, or advance PV’s Mission?: Let’s Grow Kids relation to Project Vision:

Research shows that children who have high-quality early learning and development opportunities experience greater success in school, relationships and life. This not only benefits the children, it’s economically beneficial for our society as a whole.

High-quality child care programs employ nurturing early childhood professionals who are educated in early childhood development. Early educator qualifications lead to better outcomes for kids.

How would your Org like to collaborate with other individuals or organizations?: We are ready to engage with any individuals or organizations who serve, advocate for, or interact with families with children birth to 5.

As the Rutland Field Manager, I want to engage a broad spectrum of supporters: families, educators, employers, health care professionals, donors–anyone who is will to step up for young children and their families.

What opportunities are there for your Org to become more involved with PV?: We are eager to help organize and provide programs that enhance public investment in high-quality child care. These events can be virtual or in-person and can be geared specifically to provide information or advocacy.

Our Rutland Action Team meets monthly to provide insight into local and state-wide actions to take to create equity for all families so that all children have a strong start.

What is the greatest challenge with which your Org needs help?: Let’s Grow Kids is working to broaden our base of support. The efforts of our volunteers have gotten the attention of legislators and the state administration regarding the need for affordable access to high-quality child care. Now we need a chorus of voices from all walks of life to reach our goal.

Additional suggestions or comments: Numerous studies have shown that giving young children access to high-quality early care and learning is one of the most lucrative and sustaining economic investments a society can make. The math is simple: investing in the time of life when the brain is developing most rapidly yields exponentially better outcomes in the lives of children in terms of productivity, strong social-emotional skills, good decision-making, and lifelong health.

When we invest in kids and those who care for them, Vermonters will see immediate and tangible relief.

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