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Letter to the RH editor regarding the tragedy in Charleston, S.C.

In case you missed this letter to the editor in the Rutland Herald this morning. Thank you Mr. Cullen for the inspiration. I got my card this evening.

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With deepest sympathy
June 22, 2015

With deepest sympathy

Today I went online to find the mailing address of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, where nine people at a Bible study lost their lives to a deranged killer in Charleston, S.C., the other day.

Why? Simply because I feel the pain of their survivors, and am going to mail a card. It’s a little thing to do, and by itself might not affect much in this terrible situation, but then I started to think . . . what if these church people got dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of cards from fellow citizens, from all over this country?

What if they knew that most of us love our neighbors, and are appalled by the actions of this mentally ill young man?

Well, I can’t answer that question, but my gut tells me that it’s better to do it and find out, than to not do it and wonder “what if.” Won’t you join me? Send a sympathy card or personal letter to:

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church
110 Calhoun St.
Charleston, SC 29401



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