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Monthly Meeting Agenda – April 12, 2017

NOTE: The April meeting is on Wednesday evening 4/12 at 6PM at the Rutland Intermediate School, in order to provide opportunity for more community members to attend a Project Vision meeting.


April 12, 2017, 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Rutland Intermediate School Cafe
63-65 Library Avenue, Rutland, VT

“Collaboration for the Greater Good”

1. Welcome by Joe Kraus.

2. Mayor David Allaire’s Message

3. Chief Brian Kilcullen’s Remarks

4. Rutland City Schools Update – Asst. Superintendent Rob Bliss
A. Promise Community
B. Pre-School Initiative

5. Project VISION’s 2016 Year in Review
A. Crime/Safety Committee – Chair Scott Tucker
B. Community/Neighborhoods/Housing Committee – Chair Brennan Duffy
C. Health Committee – Chair Traci Moore

6. An inspirational or uplifting story!



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