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Monthly Meeting Notes – December 8, 2016

Project VISION Meeting – 08 December 2016
Alliance Community Fellowship, 1 Scale Ave., Rutland, VT 05701

Project VISION Minutes – Shannon Kennelly

Save the Date:
December 10: Santa Sleigh Rides in Southwest Rutland, 12-3 pm
December 15: Vivitrol Training at VISION Center from 3:30-4:30 pm
December 22: Health Committee Meeting at VISION Center, 3:30 PM- Eggnog and holiday cookies will be provided (Snow date is Jan 5)
December 23: Skate with Santa, 10-12 at Giorgetti Arena (free!)


Chief of Police Kilcullen:

Reported that he joined in on a Thursday walk with Pastor Hannah, found someone staying in the Lynda Lee Dress Factory building; the owner offered the occupant some warm space to stay free of charge

There’s a large and diverse group looking at the homelessness issue- they meet second Tuesday of every month at BROC at 2:00 pm, open to all- they’ve been doing a lot of data collection and analysis

The awards went well; Joe Kraus added that you hear: “wonderful, inspiring stories that show we have a police force that is doing its very best to serve the community”

Regional Prevention Partnership:

Emily Cummings,, is the coordinator for the *New* Regional Prevention Partnership, a grant initiative funded by VT Dept. of Health, just started a few months ago- trying to bring partners together to determine what substance abuse prevention we want to see in Rutland County and create evidence based, long term strategies to increase regional and community capacity for prevention- for more info, click here;

Join to start the conversation on January 17th at ASA Bloomer Building – Email Emily for the time

Community Leadership Institute:

A team of Rutland residents attended a NeighborWorks America training in October and just submitted a grant for TAG VISION: Together, Art Grows VISION.

The TAG VISION Project is a youth initiative that aims to build community and neighborhood pride through the creation and installment of public art in neglected places. The project achieves two goals: the display of a public piece of outdoor art will increase neighborhood pride and image, and the journey to create that piece of art will be a community building and engagement effort.

For more information or to get involved, please contact Shannon Kennelly at

Family Fun Day:

Linda Justin reported that the Family Fun Day at the Giorgetti Athletic Arena on November 26th went really well! A lot of people attended, and there was a line through the parking lot to get in! Great job to the Dream Center and the Rutland Recreation Dept.

Promise Communities:

Grant has been submitted to the state, $200,000 to impact birth-age 6 school readiness; Project VISION is the backbone organization- we’ll know if Rutland has received the grant by January

Building Great Neighborhoods Committee

Gail Johnson, Historic Southwest Rutland:

Saturday 12/10, Santa sleigh ride through Southwest Rutland, 12-3 pm; track is Granger Street, Plain street, Forest Street – good to park near Granger Street Market.

Ron, CCV:

Family Fun Day: New Years Eve, at the library
Teaching guitar & harmonica (Thurs. nights at the Godnick Center) classes for the Rec Center – if you have an activity you’d like to suggest or a class you’d like to teach, there’s a form on the Rec Center website!

Morgan Overable, NeighborWorks:

Working on a pottery-throwing class at Rec- looking for old wheels! Ron mentioned that the Makerspace may have one donated.

Dare to Repair: a 5 week home repair program aimed at women head of households- empowers them to fix things, talk to contractors; take away fear of home repair- in the works!

Cindi Wight, Rutland Rec:

Winterfest: Week long, during February vacation- 17th– 24th, sledding on center street, all the way through the intersection (Tuesday night)- snow sculptures in Main Street Park, Frozen Foot 5k, ice skating in Giorgetti for free on a Friday

If anyone’s interested in participating in the planning committee- email April

In next year or two: new pavilion at Rotary park – there’s a budget for it, bathroom/pavilion, looking for volunteers to build it (it can be designed so that volunteers can build it).

Pool: looking into options to keep within 2.5 million (simplify building structure) – or contact your aldermen to ask them to put it up to vote for $3.2 million

Pastor Erron:

Neighbor Reach: end of April; local evangelical churches get together for a Saturday and do projects all over Rutland County – last year completed 40 projects with over 300 volunteers.

If you have a project in mind, contact Pastor Erron at

Report Out:

Crime & Safety: Conversation about VT Digger article: “Jump In Domestic Assault Reports in Rutland Spurs Speculation”

Health Committee:

December 15th: Training, 3:30-4:30pm in VISION Center- learn about Vivitrol and how it’s used.

Currently considering what action steps can be taken in the next six months to move our vision forward: integrated community health system.

December meeting is being moved: Dec 22nd from 3:30-4:30: taking visionary ideas about seamless integrated system of care into action items to move forward with; January 5th is snow day; holiday cookies and eggnog will be provided

Inspiring/Uplifting Story:

Women’s Network took over economic services’ homeless motel voucher program (streamlining the process of getting a victim of domestic abuse housed safely), and now they’re seeing a number of people who have moved on and secured apartments; Jess says “to see look on face when things start to come together is amazing. We’re trying to holistically help them meet their goals by providing safe housing away from domestic violence.”


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