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Monthly Meeting Notes – February 8, 2018

Project VISION Meeting

February 8, 2018 Meeting Minutes: 6:00PM – 7:30PM

Rutland Intermediate School Auditorium

Due to limited parking the meeting did not start till 6:07PM. The meeting began with the Project VISION Chair, Joe Kraus welcoming everyone to the meeting. Opening remarks were then given my Mayor Allaire. Mayor Allaire provided a quick update in regards to the Governor’s Opioid Coordination Council which his is an appointed member.

Chief Kilcullen then welcomed the audience and advised he would save his comments for the Crime and Safety Report out.

Joe Kraus then took a moment and spoke directly to Patty Lancaster in regards to her daughter, Shannon Kennelly and her amazing contribution to Project VISION and the northwest neighborhood. Joe Kraus specifically mentioned the excellent work the went into the neighborhood surveys.

Committee Reports

Building Great Neighborhoods: Report out conducted by the Chair Teresa Miele. Teresa spoke briefly about her childhood connection to the Northwest Neighborhood. She also gave a shout out to Brennan Duffy for his efforts as the former chair of the committee and thanked him for his work.  There were fourteen events in the neighborhood during 2017. The Youth Employment Initiative, the Summer block parties at 117 Library, National Night Out, Park Ave Summer Festival, were just a few that were highlighted.

Goals cited for 2018. Building Great Neighborhoods has started a project in regards to certified housing and are working with the Mandela House. The second outcome was in regards to promoting the positive via REAL Rutland. Teresa called it (VISION News Flash) which encourages us to get out and tell out positive story.

Community Health: Report out conducted by Dr. Jeff McKee (RRMC) with assistance from Co-Chair Sarah Roy (Dept of Health). Dr. McKee also started the report out by commenting on his childhood connection with the NW neighborhood and also lives in the NW neighborhood currently. Community Health in 2017 had been working on a Seamless Continuum of Care (No Wrong Door) process. Great progress was made and now in 2018 they are continuing to work on a care management system with three areas:

1.      Project VISION

2.      All Cause Readmission

3.      Rutland Care Management System

Community Health is working on an alignment between the Rutland Regional Medical Center and Primary Care physicians for a better health care experience.  This model should help in developing relationships with patients and primary care doctors.

Some roll over 2017 outcomes are still being worked on. Universal Consent for communication between providers and stakeholders. A streamlined admission process for entry into West Ridge Center for Addiction and an expanded screening and referral process. (150 people have already been trained)

Housing is Healthcare. (homelessness and housing insecurity are both key drivers in avoidable healthcare utilization)

Safe Station: location staffed where individuals can go to access treatment. Conversation going on and may line up with Crime and Safety PAARI (Police Assisted Addiction Recovery Initiative).

Shared Care Plan: this outcome will be led by RRMC/CHCRR. The Shared Care Plan could go live as early as 4/1/2018

Crime and Safety

Chief Kilcullen took the lead with a report out on DDACTS patrols. (Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety) RPD had competed a first quarter analysis and are redeploying resources for the next quarter.

Bradley GoodHale explained the analytical work behind the project.

Commander Prouty reported out on the VISION Center of RPD. Acknowledged the partners that are currently working out of the shared space.

Sgt Charles Whitehead explained the 2018 Overdose Response Initiative. RPD is partnered with Rutland Regional Medical Center, Rutland Mental Health and Turning Point at this time. The plan will hopefully be active by next month.


Promise Community

Report out by Rob Bliss. Money has been received from the state. Rob pointed out that this is early childhood focused, pre-kindergarten. If we wait till Kindergarten it is too late. The Centering Family Program was highlighted along with an effort to increase high quality early childcare.  A special thank you was given by Rob Bliss to Kelly Todriff of Rutland County Head Start for her efforts in this project.



PV Chair Joe Kraus wrapped up the meeting with a positive story request which was provided by Alis Hedlam.



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