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Monthly Meeting Notes- February 9, 2017

Project VISION Meeting

February 9, 2017 | 12-1:30 PM | ACF Church at the Howe Center


  • February 11: Saturday at the Paramount: Newlywed Game, will benefit Salvation Army, Community Cupboard, and BROC
  • February 23: Substance Abuse Forum, 7-9 PM at College of Saint Joseph’s Tuttle Hall
  • April 26: Community Input Session for TAG VISION, a youth public art initiative
  • April 29: Lipsync Battle presented by Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum at the Paramount: Team selection going on now through Monday, February 13. Team applications and details. Sponsorship required for all selected teams.

Brian Kilcullen, Chief of Police

Last week, held a Community Meeting, an annual report to the community.


  • Index Crimes: part of a uniform crime reporting program to measure scope of crime occurring throughout the nation. These are offenses that are serious and occur with regularity and are likely to reported to the police
    • Violent: murder, aggravated assault- 53 (stable), sexual assault , rape- 3, robberies – 1 (down from 15 in 2014)
    • Property: burglaries 2015- 82, 88 in 2016 (123 in 2014); larceny 589 in 2014, 374 in 2016
  • Top 26 Police Calls: top 6 were not criminal in nature, 7th was a crime: theft (in 2015, theft was #3 call)

Dale Rob, Recovery House

Serenity and Grace Houses

  • Serenity House: residential inpatient (24 in Wallingford), full, long waiting list
  • Grace House facility in Rutland- people in recovery can live for a shorter period (transitional)
  • Medication Assisted Therapy: Recovery House is a spoke
  • Substance Abuse Forum: CSJ Tuttle Hall, Feb 23, 7-9PM

Tom Donahue, BROC

BROC is now the Community Justice Center. This includes Reentry panels and COSA (Circles of Support and Accountability) programs that serve 400 people who are in some type of supervision under the Justice Department.

  • 7-8 offenders released every month
  • 31 offenders have participated in panels, only 8 have been charged with new crimes, and those crimes have been very low level

BROC’s holistic approach to raise people up- from the path they’re on to a path forward; folks will have best opportunity to succeed with BROC serving at the community justice center.

Rutland’s NAACP, Tabitha Moore & Lisa Ryan

Tabitha and Lisa are establishing the 1st “organizing committee” for the Rutland Area NAACP

  • Need 100 members to charter- already have 145- application will be reviewed in 9 days
  • NAACP is the largest nonpartisan civil rights organization in U.S.A.
  • Meetings every 3 weeks: social, health, legal, educational, and economic issues surrounding communities of color
  • Looking for agencies to help sponsor a free/reduced price showing of “I Am Not Your Negro”

Contact: Facebook: the organizing committee for the Rutland naacp; Email:

Nate, GMC, Event Coordinator for the Earth Fair

Celebrate the Earth, over 100 exhibitors present, free food; over 700 attendees last year

  • Poultney High School Gym
  • April 12th at 2 PM
  • Looking for presenters

Bianca Zanella, AmeriCorps at NWWVT

Metric for Project VISION’s impact – wants to create index of what partner organizations are measuring

  • Numbers, data, story to demonstrate overall impact of Project VISION- wants to bring the numbers together to better tell the story
  • Contact Bianca at with your data!

Building Great Neighborhoods Committee:


The TAG VISION (Together, Art Grows) Project is a youth-focused initiative that aims to build community and neighborhood pride through the creation and installment of public art in neglected spaces.

  • 4/26: Community Input Session at the Rutland United Methodist Church at 6 PM
  • Currently recruiting youth (12-17 yr olds) and volunteers! Please email for more information, to volunteer, or to suggest a youth who might be interested.

Boys and Girls Club Mural on Diversity

Patti Lancaster would like to create a mural with the youth who participated in the We Are One Rutland project and is looking for connections to people who might know about creating murals in Rutland.

Project VISION website

Ron Pulcer has been working to update the Project VISION website and is looking for volunteers from each committee to commit to updating the committee pages periodically. Contact Ron at

Project VISION Year in Review

Please email Brennan Duffy at with pictures and accomplishments from 2016!


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