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Monthly Meeting Notes – March 8, 2018

March 8th Project VISION Meeting Minutes


Here are the meeting minutes for our March 8th Project VISION meeting.  The meeting was held at the Alliance Community Fellowship Church and began at 12:00 noon.  We were welcomed to the meeting by the PV Chair Joe Kraus.

Mayor Allaire was no in attendance. Chief Kilcullen provided an RPD update specifically on RPD staffing levels.

Commander Prouty provided a VISION Ctr update specifically related to new partners working in our cooperative space.  Community Response Team has been invited to a panel discussion Essex County NY.  We were also invited to sit on a panel regarding Community Engagement and Public Safety in April at the Barre Auditorium.  Working in the VISION Ctr to house a second part-time crisis clinician to assist Alecia Armstrong from RMH.



Jennifer Yakunovich gave an update regarding the Walk-A-Mile event which is coming up on April 29th.

Michael Keogh of CCV presented on the Strengthening Working Families Initiative.  CCV and Vermont Tech are funding tuition for qualified individuals to the program.  The program is a three year grant.  Individuals looking for more information regarding the upcoming classes can visit, or call (802)879-2348 for more information and registration instructions.

Biancha Zanella provided a 77 Gallery update. If you are looking for a cool workspace and would like to do some of your work at one of the gallery locations you would actually be helping the Gallery stay open longer.  Biancha also spoke about artist Kate Longmaid who is performing “hear her voice” talk in the Alley Gallery, Sunday March 18th.

Stacie Griffin spoke to the group regarding her own personal experience with the eviction process here in Vermont and prompted further discussion regarding process.


Breakout Sessions: Our three committees discussed the following.

Crime and Safety: Commander Prouty

  • Fund Raiser. Killington Grand Resort. Teen Challenge Vermont. May 26th.
  • Keith Talon. His church is also supporting Teen Challenge and they also have a clinical director.
  • Bradley did an update for 2nd Quarter of DDACTS.  Department Year end review.
  • Biancha: Support Groups starting up again
  • April Sexual Assault awareness month. Training will be available, reach out to Biancha.
  • Lisa Ryan needs volunteers for Restorative Justice panels.

Building Great Neighborhoods: Teresa Miele

  • Health Dept provided snow shoes to all of the libraries so they can be signed out and used.
  • Dismas House has an event May 20th. Looking for donations for the event and would like to invite people to attend.
  • Housing Certification.  Not sure if there has been any movement.
  • Ray Jones: People returning into their community after incarceration. Housing piece.  (Employment Certification) Pilot Project
  • Real Careers Rutland County; employment opportunity. (Flier has been sent out to the listserv)
  • Castleton University Your journey starts here.
  • Sophomore summit. Rutland County Students Focusing on real careers in Rutland County and beyond.
  • Housing costs.
  • Neighborworks has two houses for sale (Joe Kraus) If you know candidates please have them contact Neighborworks

Community Health: Dr. Jeff McKee

  • Update on Universal Consent.
  • Overdose Response Strategy
  • Housing is Healthcare


Respectfully submitted,

Matthew A. Prouty
Commander, Rutland City Police
Executive Director, Project VISION


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