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Northwest Neighborhood Association

In collaboration with Project Vision, a North West neighborhood association will be formed at a public meeting to take place on Monday May 5th at 6 pm at the United Methodist Church at 71 Williams Street. All residents who live in the North West section of Rutland City bordered easterly by Route 7 and south by Route 4 are invited to attend.

The formation of Northwest Neighborhood Association  aims to improve the overall quality of life in the  Rutland City  by promoting volunteer activism,  and building community with neighbors joining  together to promote  safe,  and vibrant neighborhoods. The primary goals to be established at this meeting include:

  • Build interest and concern for the welfare of the residents in the neighborhood.
  • Create awareness of issues that affect all residents of the neighborhood and encourage participation of Rutland residents in community affairs that contribute to shaping the future of Rutland City and its  neighborhoods  when it pertains to decisions made by our city or county government, and private commercial enterprises that do business in the City of Rutland.
  • Represent the neighborhood and its residents in the wider community.

For more information, contact Kathleen Krevetski  at  or sign up for the online Next Door communication  tool on the web at


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