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Note: This is the original Participants page, and it is outdated. More participant organizations and individuals have been involved with Project Vision, and attended meetings since this was first posted.

We are in the process now of creating a Partner Directory, which is currently a work-in-progress.

Note: In 2020, Project Vision is currently in a Strategic Planning Process. Going forward there will be two committees. More information will be forthcoming when the current planning process is completed.

Going forward, the prior “Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Committee” will be named simply as “Health Committee” to indicate a more broader view of community health: medical, healthcare and treatment services along with a healthier Rutland community. The prior two committees, “Building Great Neighborhoods” and “Crime & Safety” (later “Community Policing & Engagement”) will be combined into a single committee called, “Community Building and Neighborhood Engagement“.

For more information, please see Committees – Initial History page.

Original Participants Page

Project VISION is divided into three subcommittees: The Building Great Neighborhoods subcommittee, which focuses on neighborhood, community, and housing revitalization efforts. The Substance Abuse, Prevention, and Treatment subcommittee, where providers coordinate and discuss new prevention and treatment initiatives. The Crime and Safety subcommittee, where policing initiatives to increase the safety of the Rutland community are discussed.

Building Great Neighborhoods 

CHAIR: Brennan Duffy, Executive Director, Rutland Redevelopment Authority

Substance Abuse: Prevention & Treatment 

CHAIR: Traci Moore, Rutland Regional Medical Center

Substance Abuse Committee Project VISION Update – September 2014

Crime & Safety 

CHAIR: Matthew Prouty, Executive Director; Project VISION – Rutland City Police Department