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Project VISION Monthly Meeting agenda: 2~12~15

February 12, 2014               
6:00 PM
Rutland Middle School Cafeteria, Library Avenue, Rutland, VT
"Collaboration for the greater good"

This is scheduled as an evening meeting, please join in !

1.      Welcome  - Chair Joe Kraus

2.      Mayor's Message, Chris Louras

3.      Brief Committee Announcements...and more.

A.     Substance Abuse/Prevention/Treatment - Chair Traci Moore

*        2014 Highlights

B.     Community/Neighborhoods/Housing - Chair Brennan Duffy

*        NW Revitalization Initiative

*        NW Sewer Separation Project - DPW Commissioner Jeff Wennberg

*        NW Spring Porch Project - Neighborworks

C.     Crime/Safety - Chair Scott Tucker

*        A view from the street - Sgt. Matt Prouty

4.      Our Featured Speaker: Susanne Engels - The Importance of Community-based Efforts in Mitigating Adverse Childhood Experiences: Maximizing the Potential for Healthy Communities.  Susanne has lived and worked in Rutland over 22 years, she is the Principal of NE School and her expertise is in child development, learning, childhood stress and trauma. She has served as a special educator, licensed clinical and school psychologist, and mother. Susanne focuses on positive adult role modeling and the importance of positive experiences on developing brains.

5.      An inspirational or positive story!


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