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Health Committee Meeting Notes – May 18th, 2021

Project VISION Health Committee meeting notes from May 18th, 2021. To download a file for the notes, click here.

  • Introductions

    • Emily of Rutland Pharmacy
    • Kathleen Chapp, new associate director of United Way
      • Will be main representative for this meeting
    • Heather Brouillard, BluePrint regional coordinator at RRMC and involved in Tobacco Treatment programs
  • Announcements

    • Sarah Cosgrove
      • Rutland Regional Medical Center’s tobacco use support program is now rebranded as ‘Tobacco Treatment Program’
        • Formerly ‘Tobacco Cessation’
        • Rebranding is an active effort to align the values expressed in the title with support and the process of recovery
      • RRMC tobacco program will begin to expand professional connections in the coming months
    • Kaitlyn
      • Prevention 101 and Prevention 102 training presentations will happen on June 2nd and June 4th
        • In partnership with Sarah Cosgrove and Sarah Roy
        • Jamie sent registration links to the Health Committee’s email list on May 19th
      • Project to update substance free signs and make new designated spaces around Rutland
        • In partnership with Rutland Rec
        • Anyone interested in establishing a substance free zone, or want to get involved in the program, contact Kaitlyn Gawet
    • Darla Seneca
    • David or 765-969-8382
      • Executive Director of Boys & Girls Club
      • The organization is starting a fundraising campaign
        • Lawn signs to encourage fundraising are available to display, contact David Woolpy to receive one
      • The organization has a new donation system to accompany the campaign
    • Tia or 802-774-1085
      • Rutland Free Clinic
      • Can provide free medication cost assistance and clinic services to the uninsured and underinsured
        • Emphasizing need to connect with family care givers
      • If you would be interested in receiving outreach materials from the clinic, reach out to Tia Poalino
  • Committee updates

    • NOC
      • Partnering with RCC to develop trainings
      • Taking a step back from being task oriented
    • No other sub updates
  • Prescription Drug Media Campaign Project – Emily ( of Rutland Pharmacy

    • 3 PSA signs about prescription drug abuse (proper disposal, not sharing prescriptions, and risks of overdose) are finalized and will be sent to locations around the county
      • Reach out to Emily to receive copies
    • Pharmacy has received three years of grants to conduct awareness outreach on prescription opioids
      • In past years, the pharmacy developed a prescription opioid safety booklet, widely distributed the booklets, changed the aesthetic and listed information on prescription bottles to demonstrate the need for extra caution
      • This year, the pharmacy also funded community campaigns
        • The prescription drug abuse posters listed above is one campaign
        • The second campaign is the prescription drug video campaign with students from Stafford Technical Center
    • Stafford Tech Center students developed 30 second video PSAs on prescription opioids
      • Direction students could take the videos was very open ended
      • Rutland Pharmacy received 10 finalized videos
        • Public scoring of the videos will result in 3 winners
        • These three winners will be aired on WCAX throughout June
          • The winning PSAs will air during the news programs from 12:00-12:30, 4:00-5:00, 5:30-6:00 on each Monday in June
        • Community survey on student videos closed May 21st
  • Next Meetings

    • New Zoom link for future meetings
    • Sarah Roy is back in her normal PV capacity after the completion of her Covid vaccine work
    • Upcoming meeting we will hear from Dominion Diagnostics about the workshops they have available to the community on substance use and recovery

































































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