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PV Monthly Meeting Notes – April 8th, 2021

To download a document of the notes, click here.


Below are the notes from the PV monthly meeting, held via Zoom on April 8th, 2021. 76 attendees participated in this meeting.


  • Welcome to all

    • First PV meeting with Cmdr Greg Sheldon officially as PV Executive Director
    • First time attendees
      • Thomas Franco
        • Newly elected member to the Rutland City Board of Aldermen
        • Appointed as the representative of the Board to PV
      • Carrie Savage
        • Newly elected member to the Rutland City Board of Aldermen
  • Commander Sheldon Announcements

    • On April 19th Project VISION center will reopen
      • Community partners are welcomed to return at this point to use their cubicles, access resources, ect.
      • Sanitization will be provided in the center
      • Vaccination is not required to participate in the reopening of the PV center
    • May 13th PV meeting is intended to be a virtual and in-person hybrid meeting
      • In-person component hosted at the Calvary Bible Church on Grove St
      • Virtual component will continue to be hosted via Zoom
    • From May through July, PV meetings will continue to be an in-person/ virtual hybrid as per state COVID guidelines
      • Moving beyond July, membership input will determine whether to continue a virtual option to the PV monthly meeting
      • Leading thought now is that a Zoom option will continue indefinitely to increase accessibility to PV meetings
  • Vocational Rehabilitation – Lynn Hughes (

    • Organization developed a new work program – Work Vermont 2.0
      • Funded by the Kessler Foundation
      • Program aim is to assist SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) recipients transition to self-sustaining employment
    • Work Vermont 2.0 will provide all necessary wrap around tools and resources to support participants to be self-sustaining and improve socioeconomic quality of life
      • Tools and resources include various trainings, staff support, and financially incentivized achievement payments when program participants meet milestones in the program
    • Community partners are asked to refer qualified candidates to the Vocational Rehabilitation to become participants of the Work Vermont 2.0 program
      • Qualified candidates are recipients of SSI/ SSDI, 58 years of age or younger, and have had at least 1 day of employment in the past 5 years
      • Applicants to the program will receive at $25 gift card upon completion of the program application process
    • Contact Lynn Hughes (802-404-6402, to inquire about this program
      • If requested, Lynn Hughes and partners can give a presentation on Work Vermont 2.0 at your respective organization’s meeting
      • Vocational Rehabilitation has fact sheets and postcards available for community organizations to distribute to potential program candidates
  • Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) – Jamie Bentley (

    • Thank you all for your participation in the CHNA discussion groups during last month’s PV meeting
    • Moving forward, there will be four meetings on the CHNA in May
      • One meeting for each CHNA priority areas
      • All PV and community members are welcomed to join any or all of these priority area meetings
    • Priority area meetings will center around identifying strategies that the community as a whole can focus on to address and work on the issues of each priority area
    • Schedule of the priority area Zoom meetings are the following:
      • Housing as Healthcare – Tuesday, May 4th, 3:30-4:30 PM
      • Childcare & Parenting – Wednesday, May 5th, 3:30-4:30 PM
      • Supporting Aging Community – Tuesday, May 11th, 3:30-4:30 PM
      • Mental Health – Wednesday, May 12th, 3:30-4:30 PM
    • Click here to download a flyer of the priority meeting schedule. In the flyer, click on each meeting’s image to be redirected to a page that will enable you to register and receive the Zoom invite link for the meeting.
      • This flyer will also be sent in the PV listserv and distributed via other means
    • Reach out to Jamie Bentley ( if you have any inquiries about the CHNA
  • PD-State discussions on Rutland hotel deadly gun violence incident – Commander Greg Sheldon (

    • Following the deadly gun violence incident at a Rutland hotel earlier in April, the Rutland PD and State officials will increase dialogue to define the issue at hand and how to best address those issues
    • Leads, co-leads of PV committees and subcommittees, and prominent PV members and encouraged to become involved in these discussions to ensure there is community representation
    • Reach out to Commander Greg Sheldon ( to inquire about developing a role in this process
  • Community Building and Neighborhood Engagement Committee Updates

    • Community Policing Subcommittee
      • Date of next meeting will be determined in mid-April
    • Community Engagement Subcommittee – Alis Headlam (
      • Currently no subcommittee chair, with Alis Headlam acting as the interim chair
        • Chair tasks include organizing the subcommittee’s Zoom meeting, being a leader in the organization of community events hosted by the subcommittee, and ensuring the PV listserv is up-to-date with subcommittee actions
      • The subcommittee has 20 remaining welcome bags for new community members
      • Email Alis Headlam ( if you’d like to participate in the subcommittee, are currently involved in the subcommittee and have suggestions on events and when to next meet, or are interested in the leadership role
  • Health Committee Announcements

    • Food Security Subcommittee
      • VT Food Bank seeks to recruit volunteers in pursuit of their numerous community projects. Reach out to Kimberly Williams ( for volunteer opportunities
    • Next Health Committee meeting is April 20th (11am – 12 noon) and will include a student presentation by Yale masters program and VT Law School students on a research project involving rural transportation in which Rutland County served as a case study
    • Previous Health Committee meeting in March discussed the big increase in 211 information request calls for food and housing resources
      • Reach out to Nanci Gordon ( if you’d like to be oriented to the functions and data of 211
  • Uplifting Closing

    • Second annual Stuff-a-cruiser event is scheduled for May 14th at the Rutland City Plaza in collaboration among Project VISION, RCPD, BROC Community Action, and Stockton Security
      • Last year collected 6,000 in cash donations and many food donations
    • Alis Headlam’s 200-page written document on this history of PV will be complete and published this spring, with digital and hardcopy options
      • Through the course of this project that involved 73 informational interviews, it is amazingly clear to Alis how special PV is as a community experiment
    • The efforts of Bob Harnish, Al Wakefield, Liz Weinmann, and Norm Cohen to encourage towns throughout the state to adopt a declaration of inclusion is helping to spread the name of Project VISION throughout the state
    • Every Friday for the next few months, the Rutland Herald will post an article ‘Success Stories – The Needs Continue’ that describes the positive efforts of Rutland nonprofits
    • Through the first week of May, there are 70 poems, many written by local students, printed on green paper posted in the windows of 17 businesses throughout downtown Rutland in celebration of National Poetry Month


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