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PV Monthly Meeting Notes – December 10th, 2020

Project VISION’s December meeting convened virtually through a Zoom Webinar on December 10th, 2020, from 12pm – 1:30pm. 67 participants attended this meeting.

As a reminder, Project VISION hosts a Partner Directory on our website which provides contact information and a brief introduction to our partner individuals and organizations. If you would like to be included, a short questionnaire will be shared on the listserv next week. All you need to do is fill it out and then return it to Matt Prouty.

In this meeting, Bob Harnish delivered a brief statement formerly introducing the idea of a Statement of Diversity and Inclusion to PV. Then, the Project VISION community thanked Joe Kraus for all of his tireless and thoughtful work as the PV Chairperson for the past eight years. Following the announcement of our new chair, we welcomed Mark Stockton as the PV Chairperson.

  • Welcome by Joe Kraus

    • Introduction of first-time visitors
  • Commissioner James Baker of the Department of Corrections

    • Thanking Kraus for his commitment to PV and the unbelievable influence he had on him. His experiences at VISION and with Joe continue to affect his work beyond Rutland to this day.
  • Mayor David Allaire Remarks

    • This year has been a challenge for many of us. That said, we are a caring community and we have looked out for each other more than ever. With the new strategic plan and PV’s longevity in the community, it is clear we have enduring membership and strong, committed leadership. To this point, we are all forever grateful for the leadership of Kraus and his eternal optimism.
  • Chief Kilcullen Remarks

    • PV spreads the positive name of Rutland. Kraus has been a great leader for PV and has positively influenced Kilcullen’s 5 years in Rutland.
  • Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

    • Bob Harnish
      • A declaration is the full condemnation of all discrimination and committing to the fair, equal treatment of all
      • The adoption of a declaration will spread the name of Rutland and say to the world that it is a good place to live and work
    • Matt Protuy
      • In the new year, how we pursue this will be discussed further
      • Wouldn’t it be great if we draft a declaration that is formerly supported by each town in Rutland County
  • Committee Updates

    • Community Building and Neighborhood Engagement Committee
      • Youth Engagement Subcommittee activities had largely come to a stop due to CoVid
      • Neighborhood Engagement Subcommittee will reconvene in January where they will begin to plan for the spring
        • Earlier in the year, this group developed the Community Walks and Welcome Bags projects
        • 30 bags are currently prepared and ready to be distributed to new neighbors
      • Community Policing Subcommittee is pursuing a number of projects, with all work guided by the pillars of the 21st Century Policing report issued under President Obama
      • See a Need, Meet a Need listserv is amazing at filling needs
        • Every week there are new people who are referred to the listserv as a potential resource
    • Health Committee
      • At the previous committee meeting, we discussed food insecurity and brainstormed ideas of how the committee and promote ways to educate the community on available resources
      • Non-opioid Subcommittee is working on ways to connect loved ones via Zoom during the holidays through a venue at Evergeen
      • Food access Subcommittee is researching how to support the Everyone Eats program in the event government funding ends
        • VT Food Bank is working to establish food drop-off bins throughout the state
  • Celebration of Service

    • Any meeting participants who wished to give a few words about Joe Kraus were welcomed to do so
      • In summary, Joe’s professional maturity, ability to bring out the passion in others, genuine interest and engagement in people’s stories, and his abilities as a host to create a supportive and encouraging environment are some of the many qualities of Joe that the PV community is eternally grateful for
    • Kraus final words as PV Chairperson
      • PV is more than any person or organization – what has made us successful is the extraordinary sense of community that defines Rutland
      • His time with PV has been one of the greatest experiences of his life
      • PV added one more reason among many as to why his decision to not leave Rutland after a summer job in 1980 proved to be the great decision of his life
      • Thank you for your patience, friendship, generosity, and all your different kindnesses
  • Announcement of new PV Chairperson

    • Mark Stockton
      • Born in Pittsford, Massachusetts, Mark was first exposed to Rutland in 1966 during a high school x-country ski trip to Killington
      • Served in US Airforce
      • Operated a martial arts school in Rutland for 38 years and Stockton Security for 21 years
      • Believes in and loves Rutland – best place he could have imaged to raise a multi-racial family
      • Former Vice Chair of Black Business Owners of New England
      • Believes that Rutland can be an example for all of New England
        • We can embrace diversity and inclusion
        • No reason why anyone here must go hungry
        • No reason why anyone here cannot sleep on a bed
    • At the conclusion of the meeting, participants were invited to welcome and give a few words on behalf of Mark


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