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PV Monthly Meeting Notes – February 11th, 2021

Below are the meeting notes for Project VISION’s monthly meeting hosted via Zoom on February 11th, 2021. 91 attendees participated in this meeting. This meeting served as PV Executive Director Matt Prouty’s final meeting in his leadership role in preparation for his retirement from the Rutland City Police Department.

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  1. Welcome by PV Chair-Mark Stockton.

  2. Mayor David Allaire remarks.

  3. Chief Kilcullen remarks.

  4. Announcements

  5. Dismas House Update-Maggie Ganguly

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  1. Committee Updates

    1. Community Policing Subcommittee – a subgroup within the subcommittee is categorizing the 21st Century Policing Report to document what Project VISION is already pursuing, areas of interest and questions to discuss further, and possible opportunities to advance Project VISION’s work further in regards to the 21st Century Policing report
  2. Health Committee Update

    1. Previous committee meeting discussed the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)
      1. CHNA is a federally mandated document for hospitals to provide every three years to assess community health priority areas
        1. Three years ago, four priority areas were identified: housing; supporting aging community; childcare and parenting; mental health
        2. These four areas are still significant areas of need in our area and remain the four priority areas for this current CHNA
      2. Current CHNA is focused on the strategies that the health community can put in place to address issues related to the four priority areas
    2. The previous committee meeting reviewed survey responses from community leaders on the four priority areas of the CHNA and broke into respective breakout groups to dive deeper into each of these areas
      1. In March, the full Project VISION meeting will participate in the same breakout group structure to talk about each priority area and work to identify strategies
    3. Homeless prevention and intermediate housing regulations are changing at the state level, combining local case work with eligibility requirements
      1. Takes eligibility requirements and places it under the auspices of local care agencies
      2. In the coming weeks, there will be a community call-to-action with more talking points on these changes and what our local housing support agencies will need help in for this regulatory transition
  3. Celebration of Matt Prouty’s Service

    1. A power point filled with pictures of Commander Prouty throughout the years, accompanied by words from his wife, Sherri Prouty
    2. Words from a friend of Matt and Sherri who credits Matt as being a significant role model for her and a source of support that has helped her become clean
    3. Meeting participants went around sharing words about Matt
      1. He is credited for his immense professionalism, ability to break down boundaries and stigmas, his endless ability to be a source of support for those in need, passion for his work and community, to see each case related to his work as an opportunity to improve the lives of others, the ability to change and improve the community’s perception of the police, his skill to know how to socially approach a range of different situations, and to treat each human being with the humanity they deserve
    4. Matt’s last day at the PD will be April 1st, but he will be on Guard duty for a few weeks in March


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