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PV Monthly Meeting Notes – March 11th, 2021

Below are the notes from the Project VISION meeting on March 11th, 2021. In this meeting, we reviewed a series of community announcements and participated in a community feedback session for the hospital’s 2021 Community Health Needs Assessment. A total of 88 participants attended this month’s meeting.

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  • Welcome by PV Chair-Mark Stockton.

    • Welcome of first-time guests
  • Chief Kilcullen remarks.

    • In the past few months, there has been a few knife-point robberies at convenient stores in the surrounding area
      • Two arrests have been made recently regarding these events and the investigations are ongoing
      • The frequency of this type of robbery is increased compared to past years
    • Several openings in the department currently
      • Anyone with a potential interest in a career of law enforcement is encouraged to reach out
    • Implicit Bias Training with Nikki Fuller wrapped up last month and it was a successful experience overall, with occasional technological issues that were worked around
      • The department is now looking into how to best implement the awareness learned from the bias training into action and is in communication with Nikki Fuller for resources
    • In the coming months, the department will engage the Community Policing Subcommittee with an overview of its de-escalation training
  • Announcements

    • Geraldine Burke – Dismas House
      • A big need for more volunteers, especially cooks and food preps, as the Women’s Home will soon be reopening in April after one year closed
      • If you are interested or a group you know of is interested in contributing to the work of Dismas House and meeting a whole host of people in the process, reach out to Geraldine Burke at
    • Joan Gamble – Imagination Library
      • The Imagination Library, partnering with the Rutland Free Library, is now available in Rutland City, Rutland Town, Tinmouth, Mendon, and Ira
      • A care giver can sign up a child age birth to 5 to receive free books every month
      • There is an effort to share a brief 10-minute presentation digest with local organizations that work with children to help get the word out
      • Anyone with kids or grandkids under the age of 5 in one of the listed towns is invited to sign up
    • Renee Bousquet – Rutland Community Collaborative (RCC)
      • There is an ongoing effort to align the work, communicate properly, and share information among the Rutland Community Collaborative, the Executive Committee, and Project VISION
        • Each are networks generally involved in community and healthcare improvement work in the Rutland area
        • There is now a quarterly summit meeting among the leaders of each of these three networks
          • Anyone interested in participating in this summit meeting should reach out to Andrea Wicher at
      • There is an ongoing project to nest webpages about the RCC and the Executive Committee within the already present Project VISION webpage
      • 2021 focus areas for the RCC are alcohol and substance use, access to telehealth options, and social determinants of health
      • Anyone with questions about the RCC should reach out to Renee Bousquet at
    • Lisa Ryan
      • Leaving her current position as the Director of the Rutland County Community Justice Center at BROC for a new position with the Vermont Network Against Sexual and Domestic Violence
        • Lisa will be the director of the Director of the Domestic Violence Response System
      • Although not physically moving away from Rutland, Lisa’s work will no longer be focused solely in the Rutland community
    • Al Wakefield and Liz Weinmann
      • If we recall, Bob Harnish brough Pittsford’s Declaration of Inclusion to PV
      • The effort continues to bring this declaration to all towns and counties in VT as well as the governor’s office
        • Bob and Al met with a representative from the governor’s office yesterday and there will be an effort to implement the declaration into the organizational message of the governor’s office
        • A total of four towns have so far approved a declaration of inclusion: Pittsford; Brandon; Franklin; Waterbury
      • The group is building a working guide to help people present such declarations to their respective town
      • These declarations are closely aligned with efforts to economically revitalize Vermont’s towns and cities
  • Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Presentation – Jamie Bentley, Community Impact Coordinator at RRMC

    • CHNA is an evaluation of the community and its health needs as well as strategizing on how to address those needs, completed every 3 years
      • RRMC has completed a CHNA since 1997 and has been a federal requirement since 2010
    • CHNA is built upon data from all healthcare providers in the area and significant community input, including community leader surveys and focus groups
    • 2021 priority areas are: Supporting Aging Community; Mental Health and Substance Abuse; Childcare and Parenting; Housing
    • 2021 CHNA priorities maintained the same priority areas from the 2018 CHNA
      • This time around, the effort is heavily focused on identifying strategies to address these priority areas
    • At this time, the whole PV meeting broke into 4 breakout groups for 20 minutes, one for each CHNA priority area
      • Each breakout group discussed the identified barriers and strengths, present service gaps, and tangible strategies to employ to address the respective CHNA priority areas
    • Reach out to Jamie Bentley for anything regarding the CHNA at
  • CHNA Priority Area Breakout Groups




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