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RCC Core Team

Core Team Mission Statement

The Core Team is responsible for maintaining the overall direction of the RCC. This includes pursuing initiatives that transcend the committee distinctions, such as publishing the RCC quarterly newspaper and engaging new potential stakeholders. This responsibility also requires Core Team members to maintain awareness of the RCC Committee activities, support their needs, and help ensure committee goals remain aligned with the overarching RCC objectives.

Core Team Goals for 2021

  • Provide recognition for meaningful participation in collaborative activities.
  • Achieve 80% attendance at all committee meetings.
  • Publish 4 RCC Newsletters.
  • Create a community forum for the collaborative members to be engaged in a conversation about emergency preparedness.

Want to see the goals from previous years? Access the goals archive here.

Core Team Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Visit the Meetings Archive for the Core Team and Committees to read the upcoming meeting agenda and review the minutes from previous meetings. Access to the archives of the Core Team and the RCC Committees is maintained for RCC members only.

Core Team Members

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