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RCC Data and Analysis Committee

Committee Mission Statement

The Data and Analysis Committee provides support and guidance to the RCC and each of its sub-committees for the sole purpose of measuring and monitoring any and all RCC related projects. The data committee is responsible for the upkeep of the measure definitions and the RCC Dashboard.

Committee Goals for 2021

  • Create and maintain an ongoing list of source or report data from RRMC member organizations.
  • Create a data sharing structure for all source and report data from RCC member organizations.
  • Expand active participation in the Data Committee.
  • Create a process for RCC members to submit data requests to the Data committee.
  • Create a new RCC Dashboard to meet the needs of the RCC.

Want to see the goals from previous years? Access the goals archive here.

Committee Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Visit the Meetings Archive for the Committees to read the upcoming meeting agenda and review the minutes from previous meetings. Access to the archives of the Core Team and the RCC Committees is maintained for RCC members only.

Committee Leads

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