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Welcome to the Homepage of the Rutland Community Collaborative

About Us

The Rutland Community Collaborative is committed to improve the overall health of the Rutland community through appropriate  utilization and access of healthcare services. Learn more about our focus and the vision we strive to achieve.

RCC Membership

The RCC is a network that brings together executive level leadership from all major healthcare providers in Rutland. This enables members to coordinate community-wide health efforts and goals. Learn more about the RCC members and how to contact them.

RCC Committees

The RCC consists of seven committees. Each committee has a specific public health focus and develops annual goals to guide projects in the respective focus area. Learn more about the objectives, current goals, and leadership of each committee.


The RCC convenes a monthly Stakeholder Meeting for topics central to the RCC mission. Further, each committee holds their own meetings. Learn how to join and check out previous Stakeholder minutes.

FAQs on the RCC

How is the RCC different from Project VISION? Each is a coalition of numerous partners, but the two groups are distinct entities and not subsidiaries of each other. RCC and PV serve different objectives, but there is ample opportunity to collaborate. 

RCC Newsletter

Stay up-to-date through the RCC's quarterly newsletter, which contains a mix of articles written by RCC members, timely shoutouts, and important updates for the community! Check out the current newsletter and previously released newsletters here.

Community Resources

Access both the patient education journals, which are our specialized informational booklets to provide guidance on specific medical conditions, along with our video trainings on medical awareness topics.

RCC Member Pages

For RCC members, follow this link to access information related to the internal functions of the RCC. This includes the RCC dashboard, meeting minutes and agendas from the committees and core team, and downloadable forms.