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Patient Education Journals

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Patient Education Journals

This page is the central directory to all Patient Education Journals published by the RCC. To access the journals below, click on the desired journal's image and you will be redirected to an online format of the journal. The online format of each journal comes with an option to download or print the journal.

Congestive Heart Failure Education Journal

Heart failure sounds scary, but it doesn't mean your heart has failed. This journal is designed to help patients learn about heart failure and how to live well with it.

COPD Education Journal

This journal is designed to help people understand their COPD diagnosis and learn everyday actions to help manage symptoms.

COVID-19 Education Journal

This journal is provided to aid a person and their respective caregiver to help manage a diagnosis of COVID-19.

Sepsis Education Journal

This journal provides comprehensive information on sepsis infections, the 3rd leading cause of death in the US in recent years, including a guide for individuals diagnosed with sepsis.

In addition to these patient education journals published by the RCC, Rutland Regional Medical Center also offers numerous patient information booklets and brochures that are available online. Visit the RRMC website to learn more.