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RCC Meetings

Rutland Community Collaborative

RCC Meetings

Throughout the year, there are numerous meetings held under the banner of the RCC, such as the monthly Stakeholders meeting. Learn more about these meetings, their scheduled frequency, and how to connect to join a meeting.

Monthly Stakeholders Meeting

The RCC hosts its monthly Stakeholders Meeting on the first Tuesday of each month from 12pm to 1:30pm. These meetings bring together health service providers to discuss ways to utilize their resources to improve the clinical healthcare services of the Rutland region. The Stakeholders Meetings are always open for the public to view. Continue to the Meeting Links page listed below to access the links for this year's meetings.

2021 Meeting Links

The RCC Stakeholders meeting is open for all health service providers and the public to view. The meetings are held virtually via Microsoft Teams. To access a link to join for a given month's meeting, check out this post.

Minutes and Agendas Archive

Want to know the agenda of the upcoming Stakeholders meeting? Or, are you a health service provider who needs to review the discussions from previous meetings? If so, check out the public archive of Stakeholders meeting minutes and agendas.

Committee Meetings

Each of the RCC's seven committees and core team maintain their own meeting schedule. As the work of each committee and the needs of its participants vary, not every committee maintains a monthly meeting frequency. If you are a health service provider interested in joining a committee meeting, then the information below will help direct you.

Committee Meetings Schedule

Many committee meetings and scheduled ad hoc. If you are interested in attending a committee meeting, contact the committee leads to inquire about the next meeting.

Committee Meetings Archive

For RCC members, click here to navigate to the archive of minutes and agendas from RCC Committee meetings. This page is located within the RCC Member Pages component of the website.

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