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Rutland County Free Clinic

Contact Information

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Phone: (802) 775-1360

Address: 145 State Street, Rutland, VT 05701

Primary Contact: Tia Poalino, Executive Director,

Organization Introduction

Mission of Organization?: Park Street Healthshare, LLC. DBA Rutland County Free Clinic provides medical and dental services, medicaid enrollment assistance and professional referrals and assistance to adults living in Rutland County who are uninsured, under-insured or experiencing an immediate financial hardship that makes it impossible for them to obtain the medication and/or health care supplies they need. There are no residency restrictions for veterans.

How does Mission of your Org relate to Project Vision, or advance PV’s Mission?: Keeping people healthy is essential for any community to thrive.

How would your Org like to collaborate with other individuals or organizations?: We are always open to discuss opportunities for collaboration. Our organization operates with less than 2.5 FTEs which does present challenges. We are always interested in projects promoting physical and emotional wellness with special preference given to projects that may occur within our rural communities in Rutland County.

What opportunities are there for your Org to become more involved with PV?: That is difficult for me to answer at this time.

What is the greatest challenge with which your Org needs help?: This year will present us with more of a financial challenge. Our 2020 annual appeal has been postponed indefinitely. This is our primary fundraiser which allows us access to “unrestricted funds” which are necessary for unforeseen expenses or service enhancements.

Fundraising opportunities would be greatly appreciated.

Additional suggestions or comments: We have been silently on the front-line throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our staff has continued to work along with a few of our dedicated volunteer providers to keep our chronic patients secure with their medication and supply related needs as well as those suffering from oral infections in need of antibiotics. If our services were not available, many of these people would have gone to the ER or chosen to neglect their health.

I am very glad to see that this resource will be made available to all of Rutland County and appreciate the work of all the PV members committed to helping our RC communities!

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