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Vermont Department of Labor

Contact Information



Phone: (802) 786-5837

Address: 88 ASA Bloomer Building; Suite 2, Rutland, VT 05701

Rutland Contact: Wendy Morse

Organization Information

Mission of Organization?: The Vermont Department of Labor’s mission is to promote Vermont’s economic strength by assisting employers with job creation, retention and recruitment as well as coordinating the education and training of our workforce for Vermont’s current and future job opportunities.

How does Mission of your Org relate to Project Vision, or advance PV’s Mission?: The Vermont Department of Labor assists workforce of all skills levels, abilities, barriers and strengths. We work with individuals and develop personalized employment plans that help them meet their goals and achieve successful sustainability in the labor force.

How would your Org like to collaborate with other individuals or organizations?: Vermont Department of Labor is interested in collaborating with individuals or organizations that supports workforce development and strengthening our local and state economies.

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