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Volunteer Cooks for Rutland Dismas House needed

Hello Scott,
I am writing you to see if there may be folks involved with Project VISION who would be interested in being Volunteer Cooks for Rutland Dismas House.
I do not know how familiar you are with Dismas, but Monday through Friday our residents are required to be at dinner, which is prepared by people from the community who join residents at the table for the meal. Our six o’clock meal is central to our mission of reconciliation of former prisoners with society and society with former prisoners. Interaction with people who are positive and supportive is important for our residents to regain a connection with the community.
We have individuals who are cooks and many groups who share the responsibilities. I have attached a short overview of the cooking experience. I am happy to give anyone a quick tour or answer any questions. The house number is 775-5539.
At this time we are looking to cover the following specific dates:
Wednesday, February 24 and
Monday, February 29.
If you believe there are people from Project VISION who would like to cook on one of the two dates, would you please let me know so that I can put them on the calendar.
If possible I would like to attend the Project VISION Meeting on February 11. As the Cook Coordinator I would like to make a connection with the other Project VISION members.
Thanks for your help with this and thank you for the work you do for the Rutland area.
Geraldine Burke
Assistant Director
Rutland Dismas House
802 775-5539
Cooking At Rutland Dismas House
103 Park Avenue, Rutland
802 775-5539

Welcome to Dismas House!

We are delighted to have you consider becoming a volunteer cook and hope the following information will be helpful.

 When do I cook at Dismas?

The evening meal begins at 6:00 p.m. each weekday evening.  We have house dinners with volunteer cooks Monday through Friday every week.  Cooks are invited to come as early and stay as late as they would like.  The address is 103 Park Avenue in Rutland and there is a parking lot behind the house accessed by the driveway in front. Please enter through the kitchen door at the back of the house from the parking lot.

What should I expect?

We generally have an average of 14-18(including the cooks) people around the table each evening, including the cooks.  You are invited to prepare the meal here at the house or you can cook at home.  One or two of our residents are designated “dinner helpers” each night.  They will do the dishes and clean up after the meal, and can help you bring in supplies and prepare the table.  Resident dinner helpers are asked to be here by 5:00, work schedules permitting.

How often do I cook?

You are welcome to cook as often as you would like.  Many cooks choose to cook once a month and sign up for a specific day (for example, the first Wednesday of each month).  Whenever you would like to cook, please call Cook Coordinator Geraldine Burke at the house at 775-5539 to schedule an open date.

 What do I cook?

Please cook whatever you wish.  However, we do ask that you omit alcohol from your ingredients.  Some of the residents or guests at the table may be vegetarians, so we ask that you keep that in mind.  During the summer months, feel free to use our gas grill.  Many cooks provide dinner and dessert, however, dessert is completely optional. Please call Geraldine at 775-5539 if you have any questions about menus or menu planning.


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