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Volunteer Ushers needed for the Paramount Theater

The Paramount Theater is seeking volunteer ushers! If you want to do this jump in as they do not recruit all that often. You get to see shows for free, learn alot about different genres of plays, music, live acts from all over the world, see lots of friends and local talent in shows, as well as helping to support the community.

The Paramount Theater

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==== P A S S T H E W O R D ====

Hello Volunteers,

Do you know someone who would make a good volunteer usher at the Paramount? A New Usher Orientation Class will be happening in early July (Date TBA). If you know of someone who may be interested please have them fill out a Registration Form, available from the Box Office or from any House Manager during evening shows. Instructions are on the back of the Form.

All they have to do is register, read the Handbook, attend the Orientation and like magic, they become one of us!

The Paramount House Managers


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