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Project VISION

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Empower the communityEmpower The Community

Project VISION wants to give Rutland residents the tools necessary to help improve their neighborhoods. We want to create community leaders.

leafChange The Future

We want Rutland’s future to be bright. We’re working to improve the way Rutland deals with its issues to improve the quality of life for folks who live here.

Strengthen NeighborhoodsStrengthen Neighborhoods

We want to help residents feel pride in their neighborhoods, engage with their neighbors and build stronger bonds within their neighborhoods.

Help PeopleHelp People

Many people in Rutland are suffering from addiction and/or the effects of poverty. We want to put these folks on a better path to being happy and healthy in Rutland.

Recent Activities

Project VISION Meeting

October 13, 2016 at 12:00 p.m.

Alliance Community Fellowship, 1 Scale Ave., Rutland, VT 05701

Save the Date:

  • Saturday, October 15th: Fall Festival at 113 Library Ave from 3-7 PM: Free pumpkin carving, painting, cider & donuts, and a showing of “Hotel Transylvania” at 5:30!
  • Monday, October 24th: Makerspace Party at REDC- Pumpkin carving contest from 5:30-7:30 at 112 Quality Lane
  • Wednesday, October 26th: Police Community Meeting, 6:30 PM at the Rutland United Methodist Church
  • Thursday, October 27th: VELCO event in benefit of makerspace at the Vermont Farmers Food Center
  • Saturday, October 29th: Pre-parade Party from 4-6 PM in Depot Park- there’ll be hot dogs, hot chocolate, face painting, and a bouncy house!


Alis Headlam:

  • We Are One Rutland Project is looking for donations to fund the publication of the book. 30 youth were involved (from the Boys and Girls Club, Stafford digital arts/English) in capturing the stories of 19 community members to showcase diversity in all its forms in Rutland.
    • If you are interested in making a contribution, please visit the Kickstarter page! Any contributions are welcomed- Contributions of $50 will get you a book too!

Mayor Louras:

  • Refugee ResettlementHBO Vice 15 minute piece on Rutland; CBS evening news has also been in town, a Dutch and Danish network have also come- to look at this microcosm
  • We also continue to get national recognition for Project VISION- last month flew out to Kansas City to speak to National City Managers Association about opiate response

Chief Kilcullen:

  • Police Dept has hired one officer, still hiring for 7 more positions– need help getting the word out; they’ve identified some of the candidates who have since completed the police academy
  • Police Meeting: October 26th at 6:30 PM at Rutland United Methodist Church– a Neighborhood meeting to look at crime stats, trends, and moving forward orchestrated by the Police Dept.
    • They’ll also review crime reports and show attendees how to use them and talk about what goes on at RCPD on day to day basis; light refreshments will be served
  • UVM is in process of completing analysis (Nov 1st) of traffic stops by the Rutland City Police Department. The RCPD is committed to fair and impartial policing.

Scott Tucker:

  • Scott has been invited to be a part of the Community Policing Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and is going to San Diego. He’s been invited to sit on a panel with James Baker, talking about drug market place intervention in emerging markets– have a fun trip!

Turning Point:

  • Annual Meeting: “eye opening and uplifting event”- Joe Kraus; Tracy- “What we’re trying to do at the center is to, in a non-clinical way, help individuals make good decisions for their lives– help individuals achieve ‘maturity to deal with life on life’s terms’”

Linda Justin:

  • Renovations at Dream Center– The shower is done! Wednesdays, 3-4 PM, the shower will be available for use by the homeless. The kitchen is done, and the upstairs is opened up (to be completed this week).
  • Linda: “all we have to offer is unconditional love and acceptance;” a message that ends up hitting home with many attendees, who end up volunteering, bringing food
  • Gearing up for 7 days/week winter café- looking for volunteers! Email

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes:

  • Over 300 people participated!

Pastor Hannah (Rutland United Methodist Church)

  • Fundraising event raised $9,000-$10,000 to return to community – “community missions” – after all the bills are stacked up, the RUMC will have a meeting to discuss who needs that money this year; RUMC is looking to diversify who they’re working with- anyone who’s interested in more information click here!

Jeff McKee update:

  • 70 people showed up to Health Committee brainstorming- 20 folks from CHCRR, 12 from organizations/dept from hospital, rest of the folks from community: creating a “Vision of the ideal, healthy Rutland community”
    • 200 ideas were generated and they’ve been narrowed down to 43, now will be narrowed down to 3-5 for Health Committee- the 200 original ideas will be shared with all in the spirit of transparency

Building Great Neighborhoods Committee:

  • Fall Festival– This event is important because it is a free, fun, heathy, safe, family activity that promotes neighborliness.
    • The event is still in need of volunteers to supervise carving and hand out donuts! To volunteer, email Shannon Kennelly at or call at 802-797-8606
  • Officer Blongy- need a non-profit to head up National Night Out– Project VISION? The event would need a coordinator by February- can this group take this task on? Think about it for the next month. NNO is the first night in August, an event where the community and police come together
  • 3rd Annual Kids & Family Fun Day– city wide, collaboration between the Rutland Rec and the Dream Center. There’ll be a scavenger hunt outside, broomball, tie dye tee-shirts, guess candy in the jar, open-skate (admission, skates are free) November 26th, 1-3 PM at Giorgetti Athletic Complex
    • Need: skate guards on ice; someone to make cookies; someone to provide hot dogs/rolls/grill; hot chocolate, someone to help advertise, help with scavenger hunt, fun games for little kids; email Linda Justin at
    • Suggestion: Ask Castleton University team to join? Referees?
  • NeighborWorks update:
    • All 4 structures targeted for demolition have been taken down and lots filled in, seeded
    • Second rehab at 59 Baxter Street has been completed, ready for sale- crew has moved on to 39 Pine Street
    • Federal Marshals are still vacating Park Ave properties
    • In process of purchasing 128 Library Ave
    • There was a break-in at 59 Baxter and tools were stolen. Thanks to Project VISION and the RCPD, the tools were located and returned the next day. Read more about that story here.


Report out:

Health– West Ridge has a grant to provide Vivitrol to soon-to-be-released inmates; the first individual has been enrolled and treated! West Ridge has a 0 person waitlist as of this week.

Crime & Safety- Talked about re-entry panels (aim to reduce recidivism); forfeitures – about 5 houses in the city under federal forfeiture – Scott expressed concern that the articles about this process don’t seem to indicate that the people living in those properties had ample warning- The homeless prevention center (per RCPD request) had talked with everyone in past month or so [did have notice and services available] thankful for partners’ participation

Story: Cindi Wight shared that a Marvel/DC backdrop from a Halloween parade in the 1970s was located at Giorgetti Athletic Complex and is now on display at the Rec Center- go check it out!