We Believe in Rutland: A History of Project VISION

Welcome to the online readable version of We Believe in Rutland: A History of Project VISION, written by VISION partner Alis Headlam. This 151-page history piece reflects the context and setting for Project VISION presents a discussion of how our coalition functions, and offers a vision for the future. Compiled from 73 interviews, this history book is a snapshot of the uniqueness that is Rutland because of Project VISION. This positive story shows how ‘collaboration for the greater good’ can become a rallying cry to promote goodness in Rutland.

Limited print copies of We Believe in Rutland: A History of Project VISION are available for $20. To request a copy, please contact the author via the following email address: webelieveinrutland@gmail.com. All proceeds will be donated to support local youth projects.

In this online readable version, there are a handful of functions to help the reader more easily navigate the 151 pages. Firstly, you are able to expand the document to full screen by selecting the ‘View Fullscreen’ option below. Secondly, the chapter headings in the Table of Contents on page 2 are hyperlinked to direct you to their respective starting page. Further, the bottom of each page contains a clickable link to redirect you back to the Table of Contents. Finally, you can adjust the zoom of the document by selecting the “-/+” buttons in the bar at the top of the document.