Project VISION Overview

Project VISION is a diverse coalition of over 300 social and health service agencies and organizations, schools, colleges, business organizations, City of Rutland municipal administrators, local, county, state, and federal probation, parole and law enforcement agencies, faith-based groups, volunteers, and neighbors.

We are all united to address the fundamental social and public health issues facing our community with the goal of making Rutland one of the healthiest, safest, and happiest places in America.

Underscoring our coalition’s collaborative spirit is the understanding that the challenges facing our community are more significant than the scope of any single organization or agency. If we want to address and resolve the social and public health issues of the greater Rutland region, we must all coordinate each of our efforts. We recognize that meaningful change requires a new, comprehensive, and more integrated collaboration among the many agencies and organizations serving in the Rutland region.

Community Resources

Are you in need of community resources, but don’t know what’s available? Our Community Resources page provides links to numerous community resource guides created by organizations and agencies in the Rutland region. Check out this page to learn which resource guides are available for you in the Rutland area.

Who We Are

We are a coalition of over 400 partners in the Rutland area. We believe in Rutland – that’s why we strive to create an environment of collaboration where each of us can work together to expand community engagement, build great neighborhoods, and improve public health.

Get Involved

Want to attend our full monthly meetings? Want to contribute to the mission of Project VISION? Looking for something wholesome to do in Rutland? Check out our Get Involved page to learn about how to join our full meetings and committee meetings, volunteer, and donate to Project VISION.

Monthly Meetings

Interested in attending our monthly meeting? The meetings are the 2nd Thursday of each month from 12:00 p.m. (noon) to 1:15 p.m. Our meetings are hosted by Calvary Bible Church, 2 Meadow Lane, Rutland. Read our Meetings and News page to learn how to connect remotely, access the most recent Meeting Agenda and more.


The Project VISION committees are where our vision and mission are translated into concrete action plans. Our two committees are the Health Committee and the Community Building and Neighborhood Engagement Committee. Learn more about our Committees and their impact.

Learn More

So, you read about our work and action steps, but have questions about what practices guide us. After all, what does procedural justice or viewing housing as healthcare really mean? Our Learn More page is the place to go to learn about the key concepts and practices central to our work at Project VISION.