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Greg Sheldon/ PV Executive Director

Sarah Roy/ Health Committee Co-Chair

Jon Dickerson/ Community Policing and Youth Engagement Subcommittees Co-Chair

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How does PV collaboration impact the Rutland City Police Department?

Collaboration has advanced our department's desired outcomes and shared vision. We, the entire PV community, are able to accomplish more than anyone thought possible by sharing information, creative and innovative ideas, and resources.

What are you excited for this year with Project VISION?
I am excited that we have a Strategic Plan and that we have renewed energy in the work that is being done. We are still bringing on new members and taking on new projects that help out Rutland. It will be great to see what we can accomplish in 2021.
How does PV intersect with your job at the RCPD?

PV has allowed me to expand the scope of my job responsibilities and see law enforcement in a completely new light. It has given me hope in a career field which has become increasingly difficult to maneuver through, especially in today's society.