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The RCC has two main forms of Community Resources material - online Patient Education Journals and recorded Video Trainings.

Patient Education Journals

These journals are specialized informational booklets for specific medical conditions. The journals present overview information and provide guidance for individuals diagnosed with the medical condition

Video Trainings

Throughout the year, the RCC hosts a variety of online video trainings across a wide ranging of subject areas related to medical awareness and practices. Access the library of videos here.

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Community Resources

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Rather than “reinventing the wheel”, this webpage provides links to already existing Community Resource lists provided by other Rutland area organizations.

Note: If you know of any other community resource lists that would be helpful to include, please click here to contact and notify Project VISION.

Emergency Resources

State of Vermont Commission on Women: Emergency Hotline Numbers

COVID-19 Related Resources and Information

Rutland County State’s Attorney’s Office:
Covid-19 Rutland County Resource Guide
Resource Guide to Services during the COVID-19 State of Emergency

Rutland Free Library: COVID-19 Awareness and Information

Rutland Free Library: Tech Resources

RSVP in Rutland, VT area
Retired Senior Volunteers and Volunteer Center

Front Porch Forum
Note: You will need to register via email for your specific town / city in Vermont to view your local notices. From your email notices, you can often see links to news from other nearby or adjoining towns at bottom of emails.

Further Community Resource Lists

ARC – Advocacy Resources Community: Resource webpages
Note: Look under Resources menu to find other resource lists.

Community Health Centers of the Rutland Region: Community Resources

Downtown Rutland Partnership: Resources for Businesses and Organizations

The Mesothelioma Center: Asbestos and Natural Disasters Guide

Rutland Chamber of Commerce: Community Resources
Note: Look under Community Resources menu to find multiple resource lists.

Rutland City Public Schools: Community Resource Guide
Categorized local resources, only phone numbers are shown

Rutland Mental Health Services: Website Resources

Rutland Regional Medical Center: Community Resources webpage

Rutland Regional Medical Center: Rutland Area Community Resource Guide
PDF file: Table of Contents on page 3 of 59

Vermont 2-1-1: Find Resources webpage
Get Connected, Get Help

Vermont DCF: Partner Organizations

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